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Work with us

Be part of our history!

MOL Brazil is a robust company that prizes committed individuals who identify with our Mission, Vision, and Values.

We want to reach a successful collaboration across all within the MOL Group, so we respect different personalities and maximize each associate’s capabilities. Your knowledge will be connected to our business and, together, we will create opportunities to develop and exceed expectations.

We believe in a better future; as such, we have our program to support young talents. Young apprentices are trained by developing both their personal and professional sides when giving their first step into the labor market.

We prize our associates and always strive to offer the best possible experience in their career at MOL Brazil. That includes an attractive benefit package.

MOL Brazil is concerned about their team’s safety and well-being. Mindful of our current situation, MOL Brazil has adopted the hybrid work model, in which the workplace allows for the coexistence of the office space and the associate’s home. An environment where people balance their careers and their personal commitments.

What we look for

MOL looks for “free-spirited” individuals, capable of creating new values. Individuals who are committed to playing an active role in global markets and fostering the company’s sustainable growth.

As an organization, we strive to make each of our associate’s corporate life more challenging and more rewarding, as they grow along with the company and make substantial contributions.

Furthermore, we regard diversity and inclusion as a new source of competitive advantage, and offer opportunities for employees to envision their own careers.

We also support each associate’s endeavors to enhance their skills, according to their own career paths and aspirations, regardless of their personal traits.

As such, we look for professionals who, regardless of the size of the challenge, find solutions cooperatively, skillfully, and innovatively.